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Proxy sites are harder and harder to find. Xproxy.net is here to provide you with a free proxy that can bypass firewalls and access facebook or other sites like myspace. Simply take the website you wish to visit and insert it into the address bar below and press enter. Our Proxy is secure and easy to use. You can protect your identity, change your IP address, browse the web securly all with one proxy.



X Proxy

No longer do you have to search for a Xproxy.net that protects your IP and allows you to access almost any site in the world without having to deal with firewall restrictions. Xproxy.net now :) Here's a fact, even in school, kids go online. But access to certain websites is typically prohibited within school premises. Usually a student will wish that those computers in the school would have access to Facebook. Since Facebook is a famous site for killing time and socializing with other people. People working in offices share the same feeling too. Especially if their current workload is low and there is nothing to do except stare at the office ceiling. Well, there is actually a way on how to Xproxy.net on those computers with strict internet policies.

It is actually easy. All the user needs to do is to find a free website proxy to Xproxy.net. You might ask what a website proxy is. A website proxy is a page wherein it will allow you to access websites that are restricted by a user's internet service provider or a network administrator. It has the capability of bypassing those restrictions to open the website that you want to reach. Proxy servers are there to act like an intermediary between the user's computer and the website that the user wants to access. A proxy can "confuse" the restrictions by letting it think you are accessing a website not listed on their blacklist and the proxy will access and give it to you.

In addition, a website proxy can do other things besides providing you with a way on how to Xproxy.net. Its main purpose is to protect users from information theft. If a user tries uses a proxy to access a website, that proxy will passively guard the information that the user has. Since the proxy will be the one accessing the website for the user, no information about the user would be left on the website.

However, do take note that not all website proxies will work effectively. This is because some network administrators have the capability to actually block proxy websites. Many people know of this technique and there is a large chance that those network administrators are already prepared for it. Most of them know that there is a possibility that somebody will use this kind of technique to access blocked websites. To resolve this dilemma, a user must always get the newest web proxies available on the internet. It is easy since all you need to do is to visit a search engine and type in "free proxies". A list will instantly appear in the search page and all you need to do is to pick one.

Now you should know how to Xproxy.net. Schools and companies are very strict regarding certain websites like Facebook. Most of them think that this kind of website is not useful in the school and the office. Well, they are right. However, it is a good thing that there are free proxy websites that can allow a person to access Facebook whether they are in the office or school. Nevertheless, use this technique sparingly since you will never know when you will be caught in the act and get in trouble because of it.